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Sponsor the MHS Alumni Association,


If you are a Business Owner looking to help market your business or a Private Citizen looking to support the MHSAA, we offer several opportunities for you.

Web Advertising

MHSAA offers a limited quantity of Prime Home Page Locations for Advertising and or Sponsorship opportunities. Contact our office for the latest schedule of available spots.

Custom Banner and Ad Creation

If Your Business Requires a bit more space for promotion. We offer Professional Graphic Design Services for Banners, Web and Print Ads as well as many other services. Call to find out more.

Website, Logo and Branding Design Services We offer a Wide Range of Design Services please contact our offices for more information.

If you would like to Sponsor a Specific Event or Program

we accept money or gifts-in-kind at the MHSAA

Your organization or company will receive special recognition in flyers, Web Ads as well as other Marketing for your sponsored event or program.

Call us toady and learn more.

Important Qualifications****

for your Business or Personal Consideration by the

Malden High School Alumni Association, Inc. are:

All Businesses and or Organizations Must Be Reputable and established a minimum of one year. MHSAA Reserves the Right to Research All Businesses, Organizations and Persons looking to Be a Sponsor.

All gift-in-kind, if applicable, must be of an appropriate “fit” with

the mission of the Malden High School Alumni Association. The Sponsored Program or Event, must have Relevance to the MHSAA and can not have any negative potential impact on other programs, partnerships, sponsorships or services MHSAA Provides to Our Members or Sponsors

Signed Sponsorship Agreements are required. All Parties Openly and Willingly Entering into these agreements Must Be an Authorized Signer for the Business and or Organization.

New Sponsors will be Required to Pay in Full at the time the written agreement is signed. Please Notify the Administration Office if special Arrangements Need to be Made. Not All are Granted.

In-Kind Gifts, Require a Verifiable Approximate Dollar Value of the Assigned Product(s) and or Services at the Time of the Agreement Signing.

****By Your Business, Organization or Person(s) Meeting or Exceeding the Minimum Qualifications Does Not Guaranty Acceptance as a Sponsor Our Administrations Office will Contact You.

If you want to Sponsor MHSAA, Checks may be made out to MHSAA and

mailed to : Malden High School Alumni Association, Inc. (MHSAA)

                P.O. Box 47 Malden, MA 02148

Welcome About Us Contact Us Officers Mission Join Donate Reunions News

MHSAA will Notify You of Exact Amount to be Paid for The Event Sponsorship

Sponsor an Event